Piggie Team League Season two

Sun 31st Jan 2016 - 5:08pm : Gaming : General

I'm glad to announce that we will be running the second season of The Piggie Team League starting monday the 22nd february.

There will be a $200 pricepool, that you can help increase through getting us attention and sponsors :)

Again, strong teams from all over the world will compete in a team format - Bringing team aspects to the strategy and mindgames of Blizzards Hearthstone.


We will begin with some weekes of swiss rounds, until a victor triumphantly goes through a double elimination bracket.

Each week two streams will bring entertaining content to the crowd. The duo Shellsman and BoarControl will be running one stream, while Marvion will bring even more games.

We plan to release interviews, with teams each week such that you can follow the best in Hearthstone deck and tech.


Teams consists of three players, and you can signup here, today:


Signups closes february 22nd.

Tell your friends, enemies, mothers and brothers.


Pig out!



Johan Abildskov

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  • Thu 29th Sep 2016 - 10:43am

    The Piggie Team League of Season two is the so good and people are totally inseparable for this league. Through the site for coverage the match’s information and people is also buying tickets. All matches are so good and people are totally inspired in this event.

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